Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Danmark. Øresund

Photo Competition

“Oresund – Environment and Development in Harmony”

  11 September – 15 December, 2011

Focus area for the photo contest is the Sound and its marine environment and development in and adjacent to the Sound waters.

Sound is a unique body of water where modern development and conservation of marine environments developed in parallel. Sound is also one of the few links between the North and Baltic Seas, where oxygen-rich seawater from the Kattegat can flow into the Baltic Sea, making the area a particularly important area for the entire Baltic Sea. Båttraffiken in the Sound is intense and an average of 150 passing boats through the strait every day. In one year this amounts to more than 50,000 vessels. Thanks to an agreement between the Swedish and Danish states, there is also trawl ban in the Sound. As a result, populations of cod significantly greater in the Sound than in the adjacent Kattegat, where it is allowed to trawl.

Photo Competition theme is “Oresund – Environment and Development in Harmony” and both amateur photographers and young people are welcome to participate in the contest. (Persons under 18 must have parental consent or their legal guardian). The contest began September 11 in connection with maritime day at SEA-U Marine Learning Center in Malmo and will last until January 2012. However, note that the deadline for submitting your photos for the competition is 15 December 2011.
The contest will have a panel made up of employees at the World Maritime University and SEA-U Marine Learning Center in Malmö. After December 15, the jury will go through all inkommna images and determine the winner. If your image is one of those, you will be notified by email. Winning entries, ie those who fall into place 1-3, will receive the prize and their pictures will be posted on the World Maritime University and SEA-U Marine Learning Center in Malmö. An award ceremony will take place in January when prices for the top three winners are awarded.

How do I participate?

Within the theme “Oresund – Environment and Development in Harmony” takes up to 5 pictures on the Sound and its coastal area and upload to the database of competition website . Please note that all images must be labeled with the name or brief description, and be in JPG format. If you are unable to upload the images on the competition website, you can also send them by email to Henrik Nilsson on World Maritime Univeristy on

The deadline to send in your pictures is 15 December 2011

Photo contest is part of the international EU project ARTWEI which aims to improve environmental protection in the Sound and three other waters in the Baltic Sea, namely the Vistula Lagoon (Poland / Russia), Curonian Lagoon (Lithuania / Russia) and the Odra lagoon (Germany / Poland).

ARTWEI is an acronym for Action for the reinforcement of the transitional water’s environmental integrety.

Competition rules