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  • Press releases about ARTWEI dissemination event at music and ecology festival “Land of Disobedient” in Lithuania:

– in Lithuanian daily newspaper “Klaipeda”, July 05, 2012 (in Lithuanian)

– in Lithuanian online newspaper “Valstietis”, July 02, 2012 (in Lithuanian)

– in online newspaper “Bernardinai”, July 02, 2012 (in Lithuanian)

– in major internet portal “DELFI”, July 01, 2012 (in Lithuanian)

– on official website on tourism information (in Lithuanian)

  • Press release in portal of Atlantic Branch of P.P. Shisrhov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation) about dissemination seminar where presentations about ARTWEI activities have been presented, May 20, 2012 (in Russian)
  • Press release in portal of Institute of Spatial Planning, Development and External Relations (Russian Federation)  about dissemination seminar where presentations about ARTWEI activities have been presented, May, 2012 (in Russian)
  • Article about ARTWEI in Gospodarka Morska portal, Jun 19, 2012 (in Polish)
  • Article about ARTWEI in “Wiadomości Rybackie” Nr. 7-8 (188) • Lipiec-Sierpien 2012, p.p 17-18 (in Polish)



  • Polish newsletter “Wiadomosci Rybackie, p. 14, Novemeber-December 2010  (in Polish)
  • Polish portal “Gospodarka Morska, November 2010  (in Polish)
  • Russian magazine “Rossiiskaya gazeta“, 27 Oct., 2010 (in Russian)
  • Russian newspaper “Kaliningradskaja pravda“,  2 Sept. , 2010 (in Russian)
  • German magazine “Meer & Küste” (Sea & Coast). It is for tourists and coastal inhabitants, 25.000 issues, printed and distributed along the German Baltic coast. A short article about ARTWEI, see page 33 (in German) 
  • Lithuanian monthly newspaper “Žalioji Lietuva” (Green Lithuania). Newspaper for environmental activists and field profesionals, 1000 issues, comprehensive article on ARTWEI, No.4, 2010 (in Lithuanian) 
  • EUCC Coastal & MarinE-News, international newsletter of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) for its members and for the press, ca. 4000 readers (in English)

        Kick-off press releases:



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