Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

2012 September / Panel of experts


Artwei Panel of experts took place next to 6th project meeting and within  ECSA51 (Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association) international symposium “Research and management of Transitional waters” co-organized by the Coastal Research & Planning Institute of the Klaipėda University (CORPI) and the project ARTWEI, Baltic Lagoon research Network (BALLOON), Lagoons Federation/Euro-Mediterranean Lagoon Federation (EUROMEDLAG). ECSA51 took place in Klaipėda University on September 23-27, 2012. Panel of experts was part of the ECSA51 agenda.

Aim of panel of experts was to establish close cooperation links with the key transnational decision takers and networks, which are relevant for the reinforcement of the environmental integrity of the SBTWs; the joint information panel discussed project experiences, key issues of TW management and best practice measures. The meeting was chaired by project Advisory board member Gerald Schernewski, EUCC Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V. Chairman & International Representative, relying on the added value of the rich expertise pool of EUCC – The Coastal and Marine Union.

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