Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

EUCC – Baltic Office

The EUCC Baltic States Office is the regional office of the EUCC for the Baltic Sea Region. Registered since 1995 in Lithuania, the EUCC Baltic States Office is essentially active in the southeast of the Baltic Sea.

The office serves the needs of approximately 100 EUCC members in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Baltic provinces of Russia (Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg).

The main objectives of the EUCC Baltic States Office are to promote ICZM in the Eastern Baltic area and to disseminate information on EUCC activities in the region. On national levels, the office works to facilitate the national legislation on ICZM in the target countries.

EUCC- Baltic States Office
P.O. Box 454
5802 Klaipeda
Ramunas Povilanskas
Tel/Fax: +370 6296593

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