Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Project Pilot Areas

4 Target areas

Transitional waters (TWs) are expanses of shallow coastal water of varying salinity and water volume, partially separated from the sea by sand or shingle spits or island chains. TWs which are the most critically important for the ecological health of the Baltic Sea, are the Curonian Lagoon, the Vistula Lagoon, the Odra Lagoon and the Oresund Sound.

Thus, ARTWEI has four cross-border TW regions of the South Baltic Area as target areas:

Curonian Lagoon (LT/RU),
Vistula Lagoon (RU/PL),
Odra Lagoon (PL/DE),
Oresund (DK/SE).

The four SBTWs have several specific common management needs. All four are located on the most important Baltic fish and bird migration routes. They also serve as fish nurseries. They are critically important for the hydraulic and nutrient regime of the Baltic Sea channeling water flows from the North Sea and major tributaries. Finally, all four are cross-border areas.

Therefore, the common challenge of the South Baltic scale is to ensure a proper cross-border environmental integrity of the SBTWs with the adjacent river basins managed under the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and with the adjacent marine areas managed within the EU Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) framework.

4 Cross-border TW stakeholders bodies

ARTWEI project seeks to strengthen existing South Baltic cross-border cooperation network for the advanced cross-border TW management and for the maintenance of environmental integrity by creation of four cross-border lagoon bodies where participation of stakeholders is settled within stakeholder agreements (for lagoon bodies and its members, please look under subdivisions for each lagoon above).

SEA & ICZM action plans

Lagoon bodies developed and launched local programmes of measures with particular focus on the integrated cross-border spatial planning and SEA by addressing specific regional needs for the cooperation and TWs management.  The follwing programmes and actions plans for each lagoon are uploaded under subdivisions for each lagoon above.

  • Peer reviews of available methods for the SEA of the development projects and iCZM in TW areas can be found here.
  • A prioritised list of actions of corss-boder relevance for the reinforcement of the TW environmental integrity in the South Baltic area