Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Odra Lagoon


General info

Also known as Oder lagoon or Szczecin lagoon.

Odra / Szczecin lagoon – an overview (by Stanislaw Musielak, Marta Arent, Dominik Zawadzki)

Please also check a short film about nature and development of Szczecin Lagoon (in English, in Polish)


Code of conduct: Good Practice Regional Models (in Polish)

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Odra lagoon Pilot programme and ICZM action plan

Odra Lagoon pilot programme

Cross-border SEA & ICZM action plan Odra lagoon


Odra lagoon cross-border stakeholders body

The following institutions have signed Stakeholder agreements and form cross-border TW stakeholders body for Odra/Szczecin lagoon:

1. Regional Bureau of the Spatial Planning in Szczecin (Poland)

2. Wolin National Park (Poland)

3. EUCC Poland (Poland)

4. Marine Office in Szczecin (Poland)

5. County Office in Kamień Pomorski (Poland)

6. University of Greifswald (Germany)

7. Ämter für Raumordnung und Landesplanung (Regional Planning), Greifswald (Germany)