Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Oresund (The Sound)

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Photo: Oresund Sound (DK/SE), J. Ericsson

The Sound is the strait that separates the eastern part of the Danish province of Sjalland from the western part of the Swedish province of Skane. Together with the Little and Great Belts separating the Danish provinces of Jutland, Fyn and Sjalland, it is one of main connections between the Baltic Sea, to the east, and the North Sea, to the west, via the Kattegat and Skagerrak. Its location between these two starkly different large water bodies has given the Sound unique environmental characteristics. Its small size and narrowness, and the fact that it lies in one of the most developed regions of the world, result in it being one of its most intensely used marine areas.

Oresund Sound Pilot programme and ICZM action plan

Sound pilot programme

Cross-border SEA & ICZM action plan Sound


Oresund cross-border stakeholders body

The following institutions have signed Stakeholder agreements and form cross-border TW stakeholders body for Oresund TW:

1. SEA-U Marine Science Centre

2. University of Lund (SE)

3. Municipality of Helsingborg (SE)

4. Øresund bridge consortium (DK)


The book “The Sound Water. Humans and Nature in Perspective”

The book aims is to provide an account of environmental values and status, as well as human uses of the Sound, considering not only present conditions, but also future trends. It compiles and summarises information from a variety of sources, thereby offering a uniquely comprehensive view of the importance of and threats to the Sound’s marine environment. It is therefore expected to constitute not only a reference source for readers wanting to learn about the Sound, but also a valuable tool for those engaged in the management and planning of this marine area.