Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity



Components are dedicated to develop a high quality project deliverables which meet the needs of the environmental integrity reinforcement for the South Baltic Transitional Waters (SBTWs) relying on the strengths and competences of the partners. The activities within the Components have also to bring the project results and outputs clearly into line with the objectives of the South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

Every partner having the lead responsibility for a certain component takes care for the involvement, evaluation and feedback of the other partners in all relevant activities.

Find for more info under each Component:

Component 1 – Management and Coordination

Component 2 – Communication and Dissemination

Component 3 – Reinforcement of SBTW Environmental Integrity

Component 4 – Developing the Good Practice Code of Conduct

Component 5 – Improving Capacities of Stakeholders