Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Component 1

Management and Coordination

The purpose of the Component 1 is to ensure a smooth, effective and timely delivery of high-quality and durable results and outputs in all project target areas, meeting the common regional needs for the reinforcement of the South Baltic Transitional Water (SBTW) environmental integrity and the objectives of the programme. The purpose of the Component 1 is also to ensure the maintenance of the project network facilitating active involvement of all project partners and Associated organization into all project activities and regular cooperation with the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS).

The management of ARTWEI and its components follows closely the guidelines and requirements, which the Commission and the JTS have set for the project management. Lead Beneficiary (Klaipėda University) runs overall administration, common reporting, and financial issues.

Project management structure also includes Steering Committee (SC) and Advisory Group (AG). SC consists of the representatives of the project partners and Associated organization (AO). All SC members shares coordination responsibilities for the project components. SC is responsible for securing, that all activities are coherent and work towards fulfilling the main project goals. In order to achieve better coherence of the project efforts with other initiatives in the South Baltic Area, AG is established comprising representatives from Euro-Mediterranean lagoon federation (EUROMEDLAG), HELCOM and EUCC International.

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