Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Component 3

Reinforcement of SBTW Environmental Integrity

Component 3 is aimed to reinforce the environmental integrity of the SBTWs by creating four competent and dedicated TWSBs – cross-border Transitional Waters stakeholder bodies of partners and associated organizations (AOs) – in each target area.

The main challenge of the component is to facilitate the comprehensive spatial planning and SEA process across the land-sea boundary. For this aim, a common web-based knowledge exchange platform with a webGIS and dedicated ICT tools for cross-border data exchange and regional concerted TW management is developed within the Component 3.

In all four target areas the cross-border TWSBs mobilized the key local stakeholders representing public, business, academic and NGO sectors for collecting, collating and synthesis of knowledge on the environmental integrity and threats derived from the existing data on current management of TWs, adjacent river basins and the sea. Then the cross-border concerted efforts were taken for peer reviewing, testing, comparison and appraisal of methods for the cross-border SEA of the economic development projects and ICZM. Each TWSB launched a pilot programme of measures to develop and test the TWSB-based comprehensive cross-border SEA and ICZM action plans aimed to reinforce the environmental integrity in every TW area.

The implementation of the pilot programme in each cross-border TW area generated common solutions for the SBA, which formed the base for the Good Practice Code of Conduct. The TWSB-based cross-border action plans for the reinforcement of the TW environmental integrity serves as a long-term ground for TWSB activity.


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