Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity

Component 5

Improving Capacities of Stakeholders

The purpose of the Component 5 is to improve capacities of the stakeholders in proper management and maintenance of the environmental integrity of the SBTWs. The key challenge of the Component 5 is in building an appropriate capacity of authorities, business and citizen institutions on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) as a key prerequisite for the reinforcement of environmental integrity in the SBTWs with particular focus on the stipulations of the EU WFD, MSP, Espoo and Helsinki Conventions.

The capacity building of the regional authorities, business companies and NGOs in the management and maintenance of the environmental integrity of all the cross-border SBTW regions is based on an interactive training following “learning by doing” and “experts to experts” principles, when all participants are involved into the common action, mutually benefiting from the upgraded skills. This methodology of the capacity building closely follows the “interactive think-tank” approach, which was developed by the Milieukontakt Oosteuropa for the institutional strengthening of the Central and Eastern European institutions and successfully applied in several cross-border cooperation projects by the EUCC Baltic Office.

Based on the knowledge available from the Good Practice Code of Conduct, different groups of trainees, particularly the non-governmental environmental organizations, citizen and industry target groups are trained to take active part in the cross-border SEA of potentials, values, threats and possible conflicts of the development projects within the four SBTWs. They strengthen their skills during interactive training sessions and, most critically important, during the exchange visits to other SBTW areas. As a result, project stakeholders active in TWSNs get acquainted in practice with the reinforcement of the environmental integrity of all four SBTW areas.

Therefore, Component 5 facilitates the implementation of the EU WFD, MSP, Espoo and Helsinki Convention requirements in the SBA by informing and involving the public into the SEA process with strong relevance for the cross-border approach in the TW management.


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