A refuge for eels!

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Yesterday we took the floating islands out of the water in order to harvest the plant. And what a surprise: More than eight eels were hiding inside the small islands made out of natural reed stems! They seem to love … Continued

Flowering and first “visitors”

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We have a frequent visitor on our island 🙂 Every morning the gray heron comes along. You can also observe how dragonflies, shrimp and fish use the floating wetlands as habitats. Macrophyte islands do not only offer a chance for … Continued

Analysis of plant material

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Gintare Miklovyte (Student in Ecology and Environmental Science at Klaipeda University) joined the LiveLagoons project activities to collect material for her coursework on plant growth and nutrient accumulation on artificial substrates in the Curonian Lagoon. She is collecting reed at … Continued

Newspaper article on Nida installation

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Curonian Spit National Park Administration (KNNP) started preparation works to open beach in the Curonian Lagoon, at Parnidis Bay, therefore tourists will have the possibility to swim not only at sea, but also in the lagoon. “Klaipėda University (KU) together … Continued