Two events in one week

Since 1993, the UN’s World Water Day has been celebrated annually on the 22th March to raise awareness about the importance of fresh water for all living beings. The week surrounding this day was a perfect time to present the opportunities that floating wetlands offer for nutrient removal in eutrophicated coastal waters.

One possibility to boost nutrient removal in these areas is the combined use of floating wetlands and mussel cultivation. Both macrophytes and mussels take up nutrients and incorporate them into their biomass increasing the total nutrient removal from the water. During the cross-border and cross-project stakeholder workshop about “Mussel cultivation and water quality” (together with projects BONUS OPTIMUS and Baltic Blue Growth) in Rostock-Warnemuende (Germany), the possibility to combine both systems was discussed.

The LiveLagoons project (and BONUS OPTIMUS and Morpheus project) was further presented at the external event of the State Agency for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Geology (Germany). At the symposium, stakeholders from politics, research, authorities and environmental associations came together to exchange the latest developments about marine protection and control, impacts on the sea and the usage of the sea.