Another constructed island is installed in Klaipeda new Žardė pond

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A newly built island using more ecofriendly and local materials such as reed was installed in a Klaipeda city water reservoir. The frame is still made out of plastic, but the coating is plastic-free and the stainless steel construction was installed in the Žardė resevoir, which inhibits so far no littoral vegetation and no natural habitats for birds and other fauna. According to Rasa Jievaitiene, Head of the Environmental Department of Klaipėda City Municipality Administration, the island would not only contribute to water quality improvement but also create an attractive landscape element. She states that the small Žardė Pond was cleaned in 2020. “After discussions in the Administration, we decided to enrich the pond with a floating artificial island, which both creates habitats for birds and insects and also enlivens the pond, and thus becomes an object of attraction and nature observation,” said Rasa Jievaitienė, representative of the municipality.