Young scientists at work

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The LiveLagoons project is always keen to integrate and support early career scientists into the fascinating activities related to floating wetlands. Joana and Sophia, two students from the IMBRSea program, conducted an exhaustive water sampling program in the IGA Park … Continued

Guide in German now available!

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Before floating wetlands are installed to boost coastal water restoration, plenty of questions need to be clarified: What kinds of permits are needed? What size and shape should the island have? Which materials should be used? Also, when choosing the … Continued

International support

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We are happy that despite the corona crisis, Joana and Sophia will support the LiveLagoons project on-site for the newx few weeks as trainees.  They will not only conduct an exhaustive water sampling program in the IGA Park (Rostock, Germany), … Continued

Ice and Snow covering the Island

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Islands are in deep hibernation. Ice and snow are covering the vegetation but as soon as spring starts, the plants will grow back and remove efficiently the nutrient from the eutrophicated waters.  

Fox and Otter

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Our floating wetlands became habitats for birds, insects and aquatic animals. The root network removes not only nutrients but  serves also as a shelter for endangered fish species such as the eel. And even FOX & OTTER come together – … Continued

Impact of floating wetlands on E.coli

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Studies in rivers and urban ponds showed that floating wetlands are not only capable of reducing excess nutrients but also bacterial contamination. As a coastal municipality at the Szczecin lagoon repeatedly suffers from high loads of E.Coli bacteria, we installed … Continued

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