Cross-border and cross-project workshop and debates

Two great days just passed! We had our project meeting in Warnemünde discussing the current status of existing floating wetlands, first monitoring results and the upcoming installations next year. During a joint dinner with the Morpheus project we had the chance to debate the future of green technologies for blue growth, the general challenges of setting up water quality monitoring programs covering the right spatial and temporal scales and the use of constructed wetlands in wastewater treatment also for pharmaceuticals.

The next day a cross-border and cross-project workshop on “Coastal biomass: Combining nutrient reduction in coastal waters with blue-growth opportunities” brought together representatives from different national parks, NGOs as well as scientists from Poland, Lithuania and Germany. Presentations ranged from challenges of mussel farming (Bonus Optimus), floating wetlands (LiveLagoons), beach wrack utilization (EUCC-D), paludiculture (Greifswald Mire Centre) to local initiatives in protected areas (CICPA project). The event ended with a joint ecosystem service assessment of three different management scenarios in coastal wetlands.

Thank you very much to all participants for the fruitful talks and your wonderful contributions!