Crowed funding on Nutribute

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Until May 2020 we are running a crowed funding campaign on the Nutribute platform. With this voluntary financing scheme money will be collected for a floating island in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Klaipeda city contains fortification fragments (such as reconstructed Jonas Hill, Goldern’s bastion of 17th century) that are nowadays used as popular visiting sites close to the old town and new built living houses. Enclosed embayment suffers from limited exchange of water with the main Dane River canal as well as accumulating nutrients and poor water quality. Therefore, the floating mats could be an extra space for plant growth with water restoration effects.

The floating island of the total area of ~28 m2 would be installed in Dane River or river embayment. For an island we will need a sum of ~10 000 euros, which we have within LiveLagoons project funds. In addition, we need to collect 2000 euros as maintenance costs for 3 years, which includes costs for mooring, planting, harvesting, replanting the damaged vegetation ect.. We have this price estimation as a result of experience based on the already installed islands in the Curonian Lagoon.