Project promotional video available

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The video shows first experiences and potentials of floating islands in lagoons of the southern Baltic Sea. The background is the use of planted floating wetlands to improve water quality in eutrophic coastal areas. At the same time, the islands … Continued

Spring is here and islands awaking

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After installing and planting the islands in spring 2019, we can see how different environmental factors and treatments affect the survival and condition of plants. In Lithuania the most important factors seem to be the inserted plants density, the hydrodynamic … Continued

Support by Klaipeda municipality

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Floating island initiative is rising awareness on coastal environment: eutrophication, climate change, coastal protection and biodiversity. Klaipeda municipality will contribute by 5000Eur to support new island maintenance.  This will help us to involve professional botanists from the Botanical Garden of … Continued

Eurolag 9 conference

Between January 20- 24 the Eurolag 9 conference about lagoons worldwide took place in Venice. Already at the last Eurolag conference LiveLagoons participated with a workshop. This year we presented results from our research regarding biodiversity and nutrient up-take by … Continued

Crowed funding on Nutribute

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Until May 2020 we are running a crowed funding campaign on the Nutribute platform. With this voluntary financing scheme money will be collected for a floating island in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Klaipeda city contains fortification fragments (such as reconstructed Jonas Hill, … Continued

Plants harvesting time

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To maximize nutrient removal efficiency of floating wetlands also the timing of plant harvest is crucial. Perennial macrophytes move their nutrients into the roots when senescence starts in autumn. To be most effective, harvest should be in (late) summer. Not … Continued

Public Day in Juodkrantė

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On August 13th the project lead partner Klaipėda university and one project partner the Curonian Spit National park administration organized a public day in Juodkrantė (Lithuania).                             … Continued